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whose job is it to teach the tigers to zim. >> i would leave it to mom if i were them. >> guys always pass on the woman. >> that's right. >> along with potty training and good it see you. thanks. >> america's news headquarters starts now. fox news alert. case of dejavu for the point person on obama care. welcome to hq. i am alisyn camerota. >> andim bill hemmer. we are watching this throw hours show. kathleen sebelius questioned. the senators were serious. >> i am accountable to the committee and american public for the system in place. >> it is inexcusable that the members of the committee were not told earlier. >> i want you to told account and burn their fingers and make them pay for not being
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responsible and producing a product that all of us could be proud. >> in your zeal to implement the law not warnings or advice or council deterred you. you said america should hold you accountable. i repeat my request for you to resign. >> do it now, and the second rule is do it right the first time. why not shut down and do it right? >> the only thing i can conclude it is impossible to do something in this administration to get you fired. you can lie to the american people and misrepresent the facts, but it is impossible to get fired. >> that is a sam pling of what we saw. we have host of power play.
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chris, did we reset things in the hearing. >> can you burn the same house down two times? i am not sure. it was worse. it was worse for cathlone sebelius this time than it was last week when she was at the house. >> how come? >> it was coming from democrats and the criticism was sharper and the consequences are real now as millions are off their health insurance policies and her and her team could not build a website would be embarrassing before and now dire consequential for the people whose policies were disrupted by the law. >> that's playing out in real- time. you can hear from people e-mails that are circulating and facebook. they are getting it by the hour. the next big headline will be the number of people who are enrolled and paid money to be in the system and that comes in a week's time.
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she said that number will be very low. very low. >> what do you make of that? >> if you start out with six on the first day and increasing that number is not so hard and they had a goal they set for themselves 7 million people by the end of march. they are not going to be on track like that. their promise by the end of this month things will be up and running and ready to go and bringing in paying customers and the real number. don't forget this brother, it is not how many paying customers come in the door, it is how many paying customers and cost center for this and the people who taxpayers are subsideizing. they are going to fight their way in and get the free stuff. as far as the paying customers, there will not be enough to offset. >> chris, thank you.
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seen you twice today brother chris. >> so you again soon. >> it is never too much with chris. meanwhile did the americans get all of the answers they received. we'll bring in tennessee's lamer alexander. they held their own health care hearing earlier this week. >> thank you. >> what grabbed your attention this morning from the hearing? >> what brought my attention is the difference of the number of people who may be signed up and the number of people whose policies are cancelled. already throw or 4 million people had policys cancelled by obama care and after january 1st, they will not have insurance. and if only 800,000 sign up which is the number marilyn tavenern gave yesterday americans are without insurance. >> it was interesting kathleen sebelius didn't say the exact
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numbers and in the speech she gave numbers. sen hundred thousand applications were submitted and that is different than enrollment and 20 million unique visits they counted to does that prove her point that there is a huge appetite for his honor and health care out there? >> i imagine this is a huge appetite especially among the people about to lose. it think about. that you have until december 15th to through this website find a way to sign up to get insurance that disappears on january 1st. we have 16,000 tennesseeans under a coverage outlawed by health care. folks are finding their prices are going up 400 percent. they are in real trouble. >> is the answer for the administration to make good on
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the president's promise fulike your health care and your plan you can keep. it should they rewrite it to incorporate 3 or 4 or 5 million people estimated to lose the coverage. >> the answer is yes. you can go to the white house today. and if you like the health care plan, you can keep it without any change due to it the health care law. that's what it said today. we should pass senator ron johnson's legislation that put in law the president's word. if we don't do. that we are likely to get to january 1st and have 4 or 5oir 6 million americans who had it replaced by obama care. >> kathleen sebelius promised that it will all be fixed by the end of november. if that is thorough and the website works well by the end of november, does she keep her job? >> i don't think she should. i think she should resign.
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but the bigger problem is, the bigger problem is the large number of americans who are terrified as they approach the end of the year and find that their insurance is cancelled and the website doesn't work and they either can't get insurance, or they can't afford insurance because the higher premiums takes it out of reach. nabsolutely there is no lapse in insurance, that is a disastrous. thank you for taking time to talkitous. >> thank you. the fbi saying the potential for crime in the health care law is huge and could cost 20 billion every year. stephen moore morsenior writer for the wall street jaurnal is looking into. this >> hi, bill. >> huge fraud, why? >> i have seen the movie before. we know that the welfare programs out there, a trillion dollars a year programs like unemployment insurance programs like food stamps and earned
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income tax credit have fraud are with them already. it was a report coming out a couple of weeksing on bite general accounting office saying there was enormous fraud and billions lost. why is that relevant to obama care? the same kind of people administering the programs is administering obama care. you can cheat on the program, you discussed with chris, people qualified for the subsidies will sign up. my fear as a tax payer and what the fbi is saying, a lot of people who don't qualify will under report the income, bill and will be allowed subsidies that they are not permitted to get under the law. >> what about paying for itself on the law. what is the possibility that that is true? >> i would say close to 0. i think it is going to drive a big, big hole in the budget
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deficit. for the last week, fox has been covering the story that the president was not truthful when he said if you like your health care you will be able to keep. it the other big lie that is emerging on obama care, this will not pay for itself. and at a time we are $700 billion deficits. it is a question of can if we can afford. it nbill clinton and newt gingrich reformed welfare. >> uh-huh. >> is there inclination to crack down on waste? >> none. i mean, let's take the food stamp program for example. food stamp program we know that there are millions of people that are getting food stamps that don't qualify for them. you can drive up to the food
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stamp office in a porsche and get food stamps. i have a suspicion and the fbi confirms this, you will see people underreporting the income when they go on the websites once they are fixed and they will get subsidies. >> they need to verify the income. >> stephen,you. and thanks to elizabeth mcdonald, too thank you, steve. what do you think at home. >> will obama care be fixed by the end of the month. >> and in november, sen me a tweet at bill hemmer. >> and me at alisyn camerota. we have the most watched races. including virginia. >> and the obama care fallout and roll out making a big impact
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on that number. >> so for millions was americans, delay is not an option, people's lives depend on this. and too many hard working people waited for the ability to attain affordable health insurance. we want to save families from going bankrupt and allowing them to detect medical issues early. and we want to keep prices down. delay is not an option. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™.
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on the box in virnl virj, attorney general ken cuccinelli was outspent 15 million and faced down the top star in the democratic party and lost to terry mcauliffe. he staged a come back. losing 48- 45 and jarvis in seven percent. republican chris christie cruising to a land slide victory
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with 60 percent of the vote. a little known democrat came up shy. christie boating barbara buono. >> and new man in charge in new york. bill de blasio. he beat the republican joe lhotta. and 74- 24 percent. hss secretary sebelius said she is accountable for the obama care roll out. the now numbers suggest that the president is taking the blame. >> the gall up poll shows that the president's ratings falling. what does this is a about the administration handling it so far. chris is a contractor fox and max is director for president bush. we'll have our question for
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esteemed colleague alisyn camerota. >> i wrote it for him to say. christen, the administration feels that if all of the website problems are fixed they don't have to do more damage control, based on the polls, more damage has been done, what do you think? >> enormous damage has been done. when you have new york magazine has the definitive reel on obama, like 30 plus-time. >> it is blistering. 23 times. you are right about that. >> if you like their plan you can cope it. it is astonishing, and i think a lot of the way they are handling is making it worse. the president is acting annoyed almost that people are upset about this and sort of adding the cave at after the fact and a lot of people are seeing premiums doubling and sometimes more than that and not getting
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better care. they keep claiming that everybody had substandard plan and they are upgrading the plans. a lot of people didn't. and they were happy with what they had. >> it seems as if the administration is not accepting that it is a broken promise. that's how the american people hear. it do they need to do something to fix it? >> yeah, the numbers are showing. and the other thing look at the result in the virginia governor's race. that race collapsed for front runner terry mcauliffe and the problem for president obama, he doesn't just have a policy problem, but to this day, more than 50 percent american people don't like it. and now it is a question of character. was he completely honest with us? was he honest with us on public policy and health care and what americans care about. it is personal? he better fix it or he hasn't
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seen the bottom of. it>> what about a second term, what happens to the fragileitty of a second term that we are seeing now? >> i had the importance in the first term. bush white house. something happens with the presidents. political approval is fragile. you have seen it with clinton and george w. bush and ronald reagan. it is hard in our country for a president to do what they did in the first term which was to get the popular support from the america people and carried it through with bold colors. they get tripped up by investigations and other things. part of it is, many of the hard decisions are pushed off in the second term. and the president naturally takes a sigh of relief because he won and he can leave politics behin and in democracy that is it a mistake.
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is this second term blues or dropping poll numbers mostly obama care. >> i don't think it is foreordained bad second term, there were things that happen in the second terms that were problematic for the presidents. and had obama not had the problems that he had. this is not his only problem. he had problems over syria and problems with edward now den and all of the information that we found out about spying on americans. and so i think they are self- made problems and self- inflicted wounds that the president did to himself. >> it is time to get a tourniquet. >> thank you. >> issues to change the political landscape for 2014. this will be all of the talk. >> and tense exchange between secretary sebelius and a vocal
10:20 am
critics. wait until you hear this. >> senator, that is inaccurate use of those statistics. >> is it not true? >> senator could you answer the question. >> answer if it is true or not. >> i can tell you what the statistics mean. >> i ask if it is true or not. would you answer my question. >> she said you were inaccurate.
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a tense exchange between secretary sebelius and texas senator john cornyn on whether the president flat out lied with the americans keeping the health care plans if they like them. >> we know that lying to congress is a crime, but unfortunately lying to the american people is not.
10:24 am
i would like to ask you simply true or false question. is that statement on the white house website true or false? >> sir, i think the statement. >> is it true or false madam secretary. >> the plan, the vast majority of americans who are insured are in the employer market and in the public plans and veteran's plans and those plans have stayed in place and continue to offer benefits. the 11 million people who are in the individual market, a majority of those individuals will keep plans that now will have stronger coverage and others will have to choose if they have a brand new plan. >> my time is limited and i will ask that the record be note that you have refused to answer my
10:25 am
question whether it is true or false. >> senator cornyn went on to demand criminal background checks for the navigators. and secretary sebelius said they would look into that. several state ballot measures and the results tell us about the 2014. doug, live in washington, what did you find? >> one thing we don't have to worry about adding a 51st star to the american flag. voters in 11 colorado counties delivered against forming a new state. six of the 11 cooperates voted against susession. >> it was a straw poll and a wake- up call for legislators in denver letting them know that rural coloradoans are not happy with the way things are run in
10:26 am
the state. even though all 11 measures didn't pass supporters were successful in getting the message out. >> those favoring succession is infuriated about gun control and marijuana legalization and that was singlealed by the tax on medical marijuana. and fund schools and new police officer and educational campaigns to prevent kids from using pot. and voters in maine voted on recreation use. >> one of the highest tax states in new york needs new revenue. and so voters last night approved seven gaming palaces to be in the state. the new york state catholic conference condemned the proposal claiming that it risks becoming an enslavement and
10:27 am
linked it to embezzlement and drunken driving and catastrophe losses to gamblers and voters in washington state and new jersey passed minimum wage measures. workers will get a minimum wage of $15 an hour and in new jersey minimum wage to 8.25 and that is something that governor christie lost last night. he was opposed and lost out on that front. >> wow, a lot to cover. it is ironic how you can tax marijuana and pay for the schools. and casinnos and lot roar. >> and american fugitive who hijacked a plane to cuba 30 years ago. back in the u.s. what punishment will he face. >> and reaching incredible speed. how does he do it? >> and the heights this man will climb to.
10:28 am
>> and the debate over whether secretary sebelius made the case to keep her job. >> in short, madam secretary you were given advice and counsel and warning that the health care exchanges were not going to be ready you chose to ignore the warnings and as a result you put the economy and health care system in jeopardy. you're givi away pie? would you like apple or cherry? cherry. oil...or cream? definitely cream. [ male announcer ] never made wi hydrogenated oil. oh, yeah. [ male announcer ] always made with real cream. the sound of reddi wip is the sound of joy.
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an american fugitive who hijacked a plane and moved to cuba was captured by authorities. he spent 13 years behind bars in cuba and could face 20 more here at home. a new jersey mall where a young man shot himself is open today. the mall is welcoming customers two days after the deadly incident. this is a crazy cat. he is dare devil known, and on the jet pack flies 120 miles per hour. check out jet man. >> paging george jetson. >> it could be. jane. >> and president obama is on the road today touting obama care as his point person for the roll
10:33 am
out kathleen sebelius takes a grilling on capitol hill. ed henrow janes us from the north lawn. ed, what is the president expected to say in texas. >> reporter: it will be air force one not jet man getting president obama in dallas. he will try to talk up the affordable care act. he's on defense about health care reform. one of the things he wants to do is make a point that republican governor like rick perry is not helpful in expanding it and help it go smoother. republicans pushed back and saying this is the administration's own fault with the website fiasco and that is the problem. here is mitch mcconnell. >> look our constitiens are worried and they feel sdoefd and they are very upset. and they should be. not only with the law itself,
10:34 am
but with the way the administration is basically brushed their concerns to the side. >> reporter: the president has tried to talk about other subjects and yesterday was imgrigz reform and friday in new orleans talking up the economy. and in texas talking up health care, he is fully aware he has a lot of selling to do. he is on defense and they are trying to turn that around alisyn. >> how does the white house explain the president changing promise if you like your plan you keep your plan? >> reporter: you heard the president in washington tell a roomful of democratic this is what i really said and he went on with vakeat you can cope your plan unless the insurance industry changed your plan. we all know including democrats, and supporters of the president that that is not what he said in
10:35 am
selling the law and that's why over the last couple of days jay carney is getting questions about whether the president's credibility is on the line. >> it is only involving five percent it is still millions. doesn't this matter? >> it is a portion of the portion of the five percent. >> it is not. >> for precision sake. what i can tell you, that the president campaigned on and argued for and signed in law the affordable care act. >> reporter: he went on to say this will reduce the deficit and means millions more people who get health insurance that don't have it now. and as they make the case to the american people. various democrats like mary landrieu and red states are having a hard time defending it and that's why they want a change. >> they want a fix for the broken promise. ed henry, thank you so much.
10:36 am
>> reporter: good to see you. i have to wonder if you have regrets at all that you fail to heed the warnings and ignored the members of congress and proceeded to open the changes on october 1st, immediately followed by a taxpayer promotional tour to tell everyone it is sort of a great problem to have. kansasans don't think they are great problems to have. >> kansas senator knows kathleen sebelius and her family well from back home and asking what she knew about the troubled obama care roll out and when. >> we'll debachlt brad is former deputy assistant to president obama and chris is a former chief of stat to senator joe manchin. >> sounded like they knew there was problems. kathleen sebelius said there were ricks but the contractors never told you that they would
10:37 am
be system wide devastating and that's why they went with the roll out, what do you think? >> it is tough to say who is telling the truth here, even if you admit to that there were problems that you knew about, and they could have been fixed before the launch, i still drugle with the fact not only why they went forward but why not be clear with the american people about the issues. once it comes out it creates a problem that the republicans are hammering us about. and so part of the challenge. >> you are still stumped on that, chris? >> it doesn't make sense to me. republican and democrat administrations are going to make mistakes in implementing of big programs. it happen in the prescription drug program. and when it happens, if you are direct with the american people they will accept it. >> got it. >> if you are not you create
10:38 am
a bigger problem. noctober 1stwas the day on the calendar and they it were not budgeting. >> it is a two- pronged problem. incompetency and credibility. and the american people are fed up. and congress is fed up. and there is not much more time for the president to get his act ticket to save his presidency and he will be the lamest of ducks if we are talking about the failures of obama care with regard to the website and beyond that. it is accessibility and programs and young people signing up. it may be the tip of the iceberg and as far as sebelius, she's done. who will hire her. >> she's not done for now. >> she is done in the eyes of the american people. i am confident in that. and the question is, is she going to be able to sustain her job by a president who refuses to bring people to account for their failures. >> chris, kathleen sebelius said why they didn't hold off on the
10:39 am
launch because people with life threatening diseases cooperate afford to wait. delaying the act would not delay people's cancer, is that a legitimate reason? >> here's what is lost unfortunately in this debacle of a roll out. there are positive things that are coming from obama care in terms of dealing and addressing people with preexisting conditions that didn't get health insurance before and allowing young people on the parents plan and there are positives, but unfortunately when the roll out which is critical to the success of the program in the second stages is not handled well, it is really lost. >> it is magnified. brad, last question, the numbers next week she said a noupsed in enrollment will be "very low". do you have an expectation of very low or how you define that
10:40 am
or whether or not she is lowering expectations of an awful number. >> they will be disastrous numbers. the administration promised open see and don't you think they know the statistics and metrics for obama care? if they are proud of the numbers they would be on every tv station. there is a reason for lowering expectation because the numbers are a disastrous. >> brad, chris, thank you for the debate and we'll see when the numbers come out. >> as you know secretary sebelius faced tough questions today. >> absolutely the with the problems piling up there are warning signs for the mid- term elections. ed rollins will weigh in. >> why is it so difficult to put it off, running right with the right kind of security, so that people's personal and private information is not subject to
10:41 am
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but it doesn't usually work that way with health care. with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors,
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treatment options and cost estimates, so we can ke better health decisions. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. here's some good news. the market. the dow and s&p flerting with record closing highs and nasdaq at a 13 year high. u.s. markets are riding high in recent economic positive data out of europe. and a head of the launch publicly of twitter it is good news. >> going to tweet that tomorrow. >> yes, they are. gretchen carlsson rolls your way. what is up. >> i will take those. one of the architects of obama care doing a about-face and telling secretary sebelius to shut it down and do it right. also new details in the miami dolphin's bullying story.
10:45 am
could coaches be legally liable for the bully to toughen up the team mate? >> and outrage out military mom banned for posting the concealed permit on the facebook page. >> we'll see you. >> and despite being outspined by $15 million, this race came down to the wire, because of obama care. (applause) >> that message will go out across america. >> that was ken cuccinelli from swing state virginia saying voters frustrated over obama care could be a game changer. he lost the race to terry mcauliffe and the independent trailed far behind them. the margin of victory closer than expected as obama care became a hot issue in the recent
10:46 am
weeks. 46 percent of the virginia voters support obama care. 53 percent oppose it. what does it mean for the upcoming election. joining us is ed rollins who worked on reagan and mike huckabee and michelle bachmann. >> two weeks before the election, terry mcauliffe had a 16 point advantage if two separate polls, last night he won by two and half points. either those two polls were wildly off base two weeks ago or something happen since then. how dow explain? >> ken cuccinelli shifted the focus of the campaign to obama care and as americans found out more about obama care, in the last several they are disturbed by it. and it is a major campaign issue for us in the fall. you have to remember that the
10:47 am
2010 shift to the republican congress was obama care first passed and now you find you will not be able to keep your doctor and health care will deputy out. roll out was the easy part and they control that element and they screwed tup and it is a big, big issue with republicans and if they are careful in how they do it, they can make it a bigger issue in the fall. >> something interesting happen. obama care went in effect october 1st and terry mcauliffe had a significant lead until october 27th. it was not the debacle of the website. it was the broken promise and thing that came out. if you like your plan, you cope your plan. am i reading that analysis right? >> no, you are not. it is similar to president george bush when katrina came about. people who had objections in other things in the
10:48 am
administration thought they are not competent and they are letting an american city drown. and in this case, that was not manmade but nature that affected that terrible situation in new orleans, but in this particular case, people are seeing up close how this is impacting their lives and they are not keeping their doctors and if you your employer provides you health care, those rates are going up and your fees are going up. and independent business people who had health insurance are losing that and getting notification that their deductibles are higher and rates are higher and they can't get the doctors they want. it is a total disaster and you will see this debated across the country. >> as you pointed out in 2010, obama care hurt the president and 2012 it didn't. isn't 20 authority 14 a long way away? >> it is a long ways away. but now it is implemented
10:49 am
promises that were made, a, keeping your doctor and rates cheaper and easier to move around the system will not come through. you will hear horror stories of people who can't find froms and take two major health care systems that the medicare paid for and medicaid that is for poor. and all of those systems are going to be put in jeopary. medicare will have cuts to the program to pay for obama care and medicaid will be flooded with new applicants and not sufficient doctors and doctors will say thank you very much. and they are less than what i get and i will not take the patients and you will see the stories week after week and people will say the old system was not so bad. >> ed rollins thank you for your perspective. >> and the university in a moment that expects all of its
10:50 am
students to have health insurance, they will not be allowed to attend class. better hope that website is working. >> and one big city mayor admits he smoked crack but will not be loving office. that decision is apparently entirely up to him. >> i want to be crystal clear to every single person, these mistakes will ever, ever happen again. farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer.
10:51 am
and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
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i know that admitting my mistake was the right thing to do. and i feel like a thousand
10:54 am
pounds has been lifted off of my shoulder. >> that is the mayor of toronto admitting to smoking crack. his excuse is amazing, he tried crack while in a drunken stupor. >> he is rob ford and is the mayor and will not step down. by law, they cannot force him out of that job, can they? >> they have no recall and impeachment provisions in toronto. and most they can do, guys provisions at all. they can go to the council and go to a person in charge of sort of ethics and go through that kind of board. if that person comes back and says yeah, this was unethical, you think? it is probably criminal. they can suspend him for 90 degrees and he still has a year left on his term.
10:55 am
>> is it criminal? >> yes, he has admitted to it. he admitted to it only after reporters asked him about p it. he said no. i think the reason he admitted to it was not just falling on the sword. apparently there is a rumored videotape. if police charge him with smoking crack is that a jailable offense in canada? >> it is. all they have right now is the confession. enless the videotapes come out, it may not be enough. >> why is there videotape anyway? >> what explains that? it is rumored that there is videotape anyway. >> they asked him have you ever smoked crack cocaine and he said no. what he said to the press is well, you didn't ask the question right. are you kidding? >> so there is a type of him,
10:56 am
doing this. >> so physical if there is it is only rumored. then that is evidence and that is a crime and he could be looking at jail. >> all right. >> thank you so much for the legal analysis. we will see if he decides to step down on his own. >> revisiting dominos in breaking records and they are doing it with books ali. >> and it is to promote an important cause. we'll explain.
10:57 am
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10:59 am
these are not classic dominos, they are books.
11:00 am
>> 5,000 books, 2,000 feet long. the event is supposed to promote reading but i think it promotes domino playing. >> i think it could. what is a day like without a good van morrison song. >> here comes "the real story" with gretchen. >> welcome. public face for obama care's failures back on the hot seat today. facing tough questions from both sides of the aisle. mike emmanuel, fill us in, mike. >> kathleen sebelius saying, they are working on it. >> in the last five weeks, access to has been a
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